Pretium Sets the Standard for Professional Single-Family Rental Ownership​

July 30, 2021

Executive Summary

Pretium has provided unmatched support to its residents during the COVID-19 crisis, facilitating and providing over $50 million in assistance for thousands of residents – and continuing to do more every day. We are dedicated to working with residents to keep them in their homes and you can learn more about how we do that by viewing our fact sheet.

Single-family rentals have always been integral to the U.S. housing market and Pretium sets the standard for providing professional rental ownership and quality housing options to residents. 


October 18, 2021

Pretium is a pioneer and long-term owner-operator in single-family rental housing, and invests heavily in its residents, homes and communities. Pretium’s industry-leading rental and financial assistance demonstrates unmatched commitment to keep residents in their homes.

To learn more, view our fact sheet.