Matt Nichols

Senior Managing Director
Residential Credit

Matthew Nichols is a Senior Managing Director and Co-Head of Residential Credit at Pretium, where he is responsible for the management of the residential credit business.

Mr. Nichols joined Pretium in 2019 with 20 years of experience in the U.S. mortgage market.  Prior to founding Deephaven in 2012, Mr. Nichols was a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs where he co-ran the Residential Mortgage Loan Business.

Mr. Nichols is a member of the Firm’s Executive Committee. He received a BA from Amherst College.


October 18, 2021

As a pioneer and long-term owner-operator in single-family rental housing, pretium invests heavily in its residents, homes and communities. Pretium’s industry-leading rental and financial assistance demonstrates unmatched commitment to keep residents in their homes.

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