We build scalable businesses that create value

Pretium is a specialized investment manager with ~$51.8 billion in assets under management as of June 30, 2023, focused on real estate, mortgage finance, and corporate debt.

We look for paradigm shifts driven by demographics, public policy, market structure or technology that lead to opportunities in residential or corporate credit.  

Our leaders and senior professionals have decades of experience building and managing large-scale real estate and credit businesses.

Meet our team
Jennifer Strickland
Don Mullen
Jonathan Babkow
Jonathan Pruzan
Ted Huffman
Joshua Pristaw
Lauren Cipicchio
Matthew Nichols
Jonathan Meltzer
Kyle Beauchamp
Roberta Goss
Jeffrey Meriggi
Jerry Ouderkirk
Chris Weidler
Matthew Cantor
Ramki Ramaswamy
Lee Alexander
Laura Cappiello

Pretium accesses unique assets and opportunities in areas with high barriers to entry. We seek attractive risk-adjusted yield with specific return and liquidity objectives.

Our strategies

June 2022

Pretium’s State of ESG Report

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