Inclusion Policy

Published June 2022, updated April 2024

Promoting an inclusive work environment can improve employee engagement and better decision-making, ultimately leading to improved financial performance.

We believe inclusion as a driving principle makes us a better Firm, one more able to deliver value to our clients, residents, and employees, and remain committed to embracing and developing best practices to cultivate an inclusive work environment where everyone can thrive by:

  • Establishing committees and working groups that offer forums for discussion and engagement.
  • Engaging with community organizations and stakeholders at the local, state, and federal levels to develop community-centered solutions and partnerships.
  • Maintaining and developing recruitment, retention, and promotion practices that expand our workforce to reflect the communities in which we operate.
  • Maintaining and developing workforce policies that reflect awareness, inclusivity, respect, equitable opportunity, and a fulfilling work environment for all employees.
  • Maintaining a workplace environment that creates opportunities for all employees to feel valued and appreciated and have equal opportunities for development and success.
  • Developing and promoting an inclusive network of partners, consultants, suppliers, vendors, and third-party professionals to support our success and growth.
  • Benchmarking, disclosing, reviewing, and improving on our inclusivity strategies year over year.
  • Educating ourselves regularly and engaging around any material inclusivity topic that impacts our communities, our business, and/or our stakeholders.
  • Embracing a leadership role in promoting inclusive culture within our relevant industries.

June 2022

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