Residential Real Estate Opportunities

We focus on adjacent real estate strategies including single-family rentals and residential credit where our data analytics and operating platforms enable us to generate results.

  • $25.4Bassets under management
  • ~75000homes
  • 30key markets
  • 96.5%occupancy rate

Data as of December 31, 2021.

Case Study: Progress Homes

Where other investment firms saw only distressed real estate after the financial crisis, Pretium identified a consumer credit opportunity based on the changing home experience of the 21st century. The result is an established, expanding business with rising margins.

3 Things to Know About Single-Family Rentals

  • Not short-term. Demand in this market has remained consistent since the 1950s.
  • Residents are typically families with good incomes searching for quality homes in attractive communities.
  • Our data-based operating platform enables us to scale this asset class.

Pretium's Single-Family Rental Markets

Growth of Residential Portfolio

June 20133800
Dec 20136700
June 20149500
Dec 201412400
June 201514600
Dec 201516600
June 201617900
Dec 201619900
June 201720800
Dec 201723300
June 201825100
Dec 201830500
June 201932700
Dec 201937900
June 202039700
Dec 202041000
June 202166000
Sept 202170700
Dec 202174700

Stabilized Occupancy Rates

June 201398.6%
Dec 201390.7%
June 201496.3%
Dec 201495.4%
June 201595.7%
Dec 201594.6%
June 201695.5%
Dec 201693.8%
June 201796.2%
Dec 201794.9%
June 201896.8%
Dec 201895.7%
June 201995.9%
Dec 201994.6%
June 202095.8%
Dec 202096.8%
June 202196.8%
Sept 202196.4%
Dec 202196.5%

Mortgage Credit Opportunities

We focus on strategies across the mortgage whole loan market where our integrated asset management platform enables us to provide differentiated solutions to borrowers.

3 Things to Know About the Mortgage Credit Market

  • The U.S. mortgage market represents an investment universe with $8.8 trillion in outstanding mortgages.
  • The market for impaired mortgage whole loans remains robust, even 10 years post-crisis.
  • Our loan servicing platform provides comprehensive end-to-end portfolio oversight and streamlines solutions for borrowers.

Differentiated Asset Management Platform

Our detailed knowledge of the borrower, combined with Pretium’s ability to manage the underlying property for rental purposes, increases the ability to drive positive loan outcomes.

Preferred Counterparty for Well-Known Industry Sellers

Our experience in consistently and efficiently executing transactions allows us to source customized loan portfolios consistent with segments of the market where we can outperform.


June 2022

Pretium’s State of ESG Report

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