A thoughtful and actionable
approach to ESG

Our Commitment

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and practices have a positive impact on our investments and stakeholders, from our investors to our employees, residents and the communities in which we operate.

As we enter our second decade, we are focused on institutionalizing our founding ESG principles throughout our platform.

“Since our founding, Pretium has identified and implemented best practices to transform the residential housing landscape and uplift the communities in which we operate.

Incorporating thoughtful and actionable ESG initiatives has been essential to our long-term growth and critical to our business.”

Don Mullen, Founder and
Chief Executive Officer

Our ESG Principles

We approach new investments and existing assets with the following principles:

Regularly engage stakeholders: investors, employees, residents, communities, and policymakers

Assess material ESG factors across our strategies

Integrate ESG into investments, ownership, and business operations

Embrace the opportunity to be an ESG leader within our relevant industries

Routinely assess ESG strategy impact and drive continuous improvement

Our ESG Principles

We leverage a comprehensive framework to ensure we adhere to and track our ESG commitments across our business. For more information on our framework and broader ESG efforts, read our most recent State of ESG report.

Affordable Housing, Vibrant Communities


Direct resident engagement and data-driven, tech-enabled resident response systems

Economic impact of locally sourced renovations

Increasing access to neighbourhood quality

Environmental Impact, Technology Focused

Green renovation standards:

  • - Energy efficiency
  • - Water conservation
  • - Waste reduction

Smart home deployment

Diverse Teams, Strong Governance

Robust governance frameworks including ESG and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Workplace DEI programs

ESG integrating into operations & investments

Our ESG Leadership

Our ESG program is guided by our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Don Mullen, who is responsible for setting our overall strategic direction. The ESG program is overseen and implemented by an ESG committee, which is composed of senior executives representing our various business units. We also have a dedicated ESG Senior Leader, Tatiana Gutierrez, who helps guide the strategy. Read our ESG Policy and Commitments, which were developed and adopted in 2022

Our Achievements
  • 250000+Residents


In March 2022, Progress Residential, our leading single-family rental management services platform, partnered with Esusu to provide credit-building opportunities to our more than 85,000 homes representing over 250,000 residents. This is the first of its kind partnership bringing Esusu’s landmark credit-building platform to the single-family residential market.

  • ~14000 Existing homes renovated in 2021 according to our green renovation standards
  • $48M+Spent on long life cycle products

Committed to Environmental Sustainability

By renovating existing housing stock and building new high-quality housing, we are providing durable homes for our residents and communities over the long-term. In addition, our homes minimize climate change effects by replacing outdated appliances and materials with energy efficient, water conserving, durable home components. As we continue to buy and build more homes, we will continue to invest in each one to ensure a sustainable future for our business, our stakeholders, and our world.

  • 100M+In rental assistance

Rental Assistance

From 2013 to 2017, we partnered with Hudson Guild, a Manhattan-based community agency serving children from low-income families. Through our grant program, we were able to support Hudson Guild in establishing a solid financial foundation for the future.

Addressing the Housing Crisis

The United States is facing a deficit of up to seven million homes. We are a leading source of private capital in responding to this housing crisis.

Committed to investing over $1.6 billion in new build-to-rent communities across the country

5,000 new homes planned in high-demand communities across several states

  • $50000 Average direct investment in homes over five-year period
  • 80%Service requests completed on first visit

We are dedicated to providing well-maintained and affordable rental homes while being actively involved in our communities and supporting local municipalities and homeowners’ associations (HOAs).

Good corporate governance supports well-informed decision-making while mitigating risk. We have implemented strict companywide guidelines for operational, reputational, legal, and regulatory governance to ensure that we address stakeholder expectations for oversight, alignment, performance, and reputation.

Monitor frameworks to ensure comprehensive assessments

Capture and communicate ESG data for investors and stakeholders


June 2022

Pretium’s State of ESG Report

Read here to learn more.